1. Urutapu Tamāhine: Cohort One
    Urutapu Tamāhine: Cohort One
    In July this year we will celebrate the one year anniversary with our tamāhine who are charging ahead in their worlds. Check out more about the first cohort under 'Programme'.
  2. Kei Hea Te Kōmako E Kō
    Kei Hea Te Kōmako E Kō
    This year each of the 2016 tamāhine will be running events to practice their leadership and positively affect change in their peer group, families and wider communties. A range of events are currently being planned, check out 'Latest News' for more info.
  3. Foundation North
    Foundation North
    Urutapu are proud to be funded by Foundation North, an organisation leading the way in creating significant positive change through supporting innovative projects and practices.
The Urutapu Tamāhine Programme is a unique leadership  programme facilitated by the Mad Ave Community Trust.

The focus of our programmes is to actualise the potential of young Māori women to be transformational leaders in their world. Whether from the marae to the market place, Te Aō Māori remains a central value to the delivery of our programme. Surrounding our core values, Urutapu considers the growing urban scape of Aōtearoa and aims to challenge, develop and inspire tamāhine to be powerful agents of change in their life, their whānau and wider communities. 
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