Ko Mad Ave Community Trust te poutokomanawa o Urutapu – Te Pū Māreikura

The Urutapu Kaupapa was launched in 2016, and is the committed vision of dynamic duo Veeshayne and Tāmati Patuwai. 

E kore au e ngaro he kākano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiātea – I am a seed that shall never be lost for I descend from the upper most heavens “Rangiātea”

Ngā Kete o Te Wānanga is the source of our theory of transformation. It contains Nga Taonga Tuku Iho the ancient knowledge handed down to us by our tūpuna, and teaches the true order of things. When these Kete are acknowledged, practiced, and lived it enables congruency, meaningful leadership, and the “Actualisation of our highest potential.”

  • Te Kete Tuauri – Wairua
Recognises sacred knowledge, imparting a celestial blueprint to unlock and realise one's greatest potential.

  • Te Kete TuAtea – Whakapapa/Whakapaparanga
Recognises Whakapapa and Whakapaparanga. This allows us to actualise our true identity and that of others; while understanding our noble ancestry and descent.

  • Te Kete Aronui
Recognises Nga Pehipehi – Correct Principles. Nga Tikanga – That which is true. Nga Uaratanga – Core Values.


Urutapu is more then just a leadership programme, drawing on the best of the māori, western, spiritual and academic world to create meaningful, effective tools to empower tamāhine. Diverse significant partnerships and learnings continue to be developed to refine the programme, resulting in meaningful collaboration.  As such, the programme continues to develop into a space for our young future leaders to discover their own strengths, aspirations and how to translate that into transformational leadership.

"When we thought about creating the kaupapa, we looked at our daughters and nieces, asking ourselves what are the innate gifts these young women have and what do they need to grow and develop their leadership potential

Veeshayne Patuwai
Urutapu Programme Director